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The current situation (IC).

Here's the IC situation and timeline through the middle of July, 2004:

* July 4th: Attacks on Trimaris and Snelling.
* July 5th-7th: Small attacks continue, largely on the coastline, although they can occur along any body of water. The Cutlass is holding harbour patrols on the Sea-Cross side for most of this time.
* July 7th: Death of Paul Atwater.
* July 8th-14th: The Undersea changes tactics, and -- rather than making full frontal assaults -- begins ambushing small groups when they move around the water. Passage into and out of both major Freeholds becomes highly dangerous.
* July 15th: Formal declaration of war made by Duke Manuel Alvarez ap Gwydion of Eildon, who promises to send troops to Candlemarch to bolster Marquessa Crawford's position.

Please feel free to LJ post about and around these events, and comment here if you have any questions or need to discuss anything.
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