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Teatime II, the Undersea War, the State of the Union, and you.

Hey, everybody. Polychrome here.

First off, let me make one thing perfectly clear: this is not an announcement of the game reopening, and I apologize if this got your hopes up. It is, however, the beginning of us trying to feel out the shape of the game, and fill in the time between going to soft RP (November 6th, 2004) and the present day. If all goes well, this will allow us to all be on the same page, with no loss of continuity, when reopening becomes an option.

In-game, the bodies of the two cephali guards who had accompanied the Undersea deligation were found on the morning of July 4th, 2004 (OOC 11/7/04), along with the bodies of their five attackers -- two redcaps, a troll, and two sluagh, none of them immediately familiar. The survivors were understandably furious, and departed immediately, despite heroic attempts at diplomacy by the Court of Candlemarch.

The first attack on Trimaris occurred, in-game, at approximately nine o'clock that night, under cover of full darkness. Most of the city's forces went to the aid of the castle and its inhabitants, which prevented all but minor damage, but left the harbour -- and the entrance to Fort Snelling -- entirely unguarded against the raid that came at midnight. Assume light NPC casualties on all sides.

The next eleven days/RL week (July 15th/November 14th) saw multiple small attacks and brawls, as the Undersea fae establish directly the strength of the opposition on the land, and attempt to create a culture of fear. No major damage is done to any Freeholds or landmarks during this time. If your PC would have taken/be taking some sort of specific steps towards bolstering their position, please comment on this entry, and we can sort things out; please only actions taken during the first eleven days.

If you will not be returning to the game in the event of reopening, or will not be returning as a specific PC, please let us know; we're happy to kill people off ICly during the early stages of the war. We'll also be setting things up for new PCs to be introduced, once we're more certain of the shape of things -- this is just the beginning of hammering things out, and will eventually, hopefully, lead to a full IC timeline.

If you maintain a PC journal, please feel free to update ICly through the events of July 4th (attack on Trimaris/Snelling); as other things become IC absolutes, we'll confirm them here. ritm is updating, with all entries backdated to reflect the OOC dates corresponding with the IC events.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and for any help you can give in getting the gaps between then and now firmly filled in before we move forward.

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