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Four years ago, Twin Cities by Teatime the original game closed.

On the four year anniversary of that closing, I am happy to announce our full opening to be held over the first full week in April. Rather than an official opening day, in order to let both staff and players get their applications and other things in order, we are terming the first full week in April our Opening Week. While there remain many things we still need to fully implement and improve, we finally feel ready to move into full open, staff-and-player-response-times, and gearing up fully into the story that is Teatime Two. We will be accepting soft-RP +reccs until the end of Opening Week on April 11th.

We have a lot of fun things planned for this month, with tinyplots already ongoing and a number of events prepped to happen as soon as we open, including Knightfall, the IC fan-convention for our supplemental fictional TV series "Electric Knights". We also still welcome applications, new players being brought in, and returning players to apply here; there remain a wide variety of characters we would love to see here.

While we will still not be advertising widely, feel free to encourage your friends to check us out. This remains a place we would like you to feel welcome and at home, and able to talk with your wizards and staff, as well as your fellow players, at any time; our game philosophy is quite specifically a cooperative one.

Questions about specifics may be directed to your !-DARK wizstaff at any time. We will be requiring approval to RP on-grid by the end of Opening Week. Staff response times will be adopted, likewise, by the end of that week. (Hey, you guys get a grace period for app-finishing, we'd like one for answering-niggling-questions.)

Thank you for playing here! As always, we are glad to have the players we have, and hope you'll keep participating in the future.

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